Sociology and Psychology

What is Psychology? What is Sociology?

Most students I have met have started their studies in these subjects with these questions!

The simple answers are:

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and individual behaviour.

Sociology is the scientific study of groups and societies.


Both subjects are vastly different to each other, yet complement each other in so many areas. There is no particular advantage or disadvantage to studying just one of them, or of studying both.

They have both been frequently misrepresented in the past as being ‘soft sciences’, but years of increasing popularity within schools, colleges and universities has led to a total academic attitude reversal.

Sociology is classified as a humanities subject alongside Geography and History, and Psychology is classified as a science alongside Biology, Physics and Chemistry (though undoubtedly there are clear paradigm differences).

This has all been a result of both their increasing popularity within educational establishments coupled with an increasing global awareness of social issues and the effects they have on individuals and entire cultures.


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